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Most commercial buildings in the United Kingdom were constructed during a time when asbestos was a popular building material. We now know that exposure to asbestos can lead to a host of serious health problems, like inflammation of the lungs and lung cancer. In fact, exposure to asbestos can harm most of the bodys vital organs and can be fatal. Additionally, asbestos is very harmful to the environment as its a known pollutant. In 1999, construction firms were banned from using or reusing all forms of asbestos.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012 were established in order to protect people and the environment. Under these regulations, it must be initially assumed that all commercial buildings contain asbestos. Building owners must periodically participate in management surveys that manage the presence of asbestos. Suggestions on how to manage it will then be made according to the relevant Health and Safety guidelines. These guidelines stipulate that all building occupants be informed of the presence of asbestos. The survey is then recorded in the Asbestos Register for future reference and monitoring.

If you wish to demolish or renovate a commercial building thats located in London, you must also participate in a refurbishment/demolition survey that will determine the presence and condition of asbestos. This can be a significant undertaking that may require evacuating the area. From that point, recommendations will be issued that will protect workers as they execute the renovation or demolition of the property. This survey also ensures that the work is being done appropriately by a qualified contractor.

Asbestos surveys should only be conducted by professionals who are licensed by the HSE and are P402 certified (like this asbestos surveying company in London). If you are in need of an asbestos survey, contact a qualified asbestos removal business like Safe Asbestos Removal in London. We have the experience and expertise thats necessary for conducting asbestos surveys accurately and safely.