Floor it


Hardwood floor refinishing have a timeless elegance that can almost instantly match any room and compliment its design. On top of the beauty they provide, wood surfaces can hold up to incredible wear which is why even extremely ancient homes still often have the materials they were originally built with. Floors are relatively easy to maintain and with regular Bloomfield refinishing, this type can easily look as good as new. There are specialized types of equipment made for maintaining and refinishing hardwood. Whether you want to install it in your home or you already have, you will want to know what equipment you should use to maintain it.

Sanding with the use of a drum sander

If you want to keep your floors in great shape, there are many different sanders that can do the job. The most common sander is the drum sander. It is a powerful tool which may remind you of a vacuum cleaner. If you need to navigate the stairs while hauling this equipment, you’ll probably need more than one person. Drum sanders have high-velocity electric motors that rotate loops of sandpaper at high speeds. The sander strips off the finish and then smooths the wood underneath. This is necessary for preparing for re-staining and refinishing. This can be quite a messy and laborious undertaking, but with appropriate preparation and care while operating the sander, an ordinary person can easily accomplish this task.

Use a palm sander

Palm sanders are hand-held pieces of equipment used to give hardwood floors a range of finishes from medium to fine. A palm sander may be just what your woodworking projects require. You can sand fine details on small to medium projects such as furniture and millinery work. With sandpaper attached to the bottom, this equipment is operated by moving it in a circular motion to get the job done.


To clean, sand, and polish, buffers can be used. They look like an upright vacuum cleaner with large rotary brush. The speed of its rotary brush can be configured depending on the type. This equipment is typically used together with a cleaning agent used to loosen dirt and other residue from the surface in preparation for the sanding process.

If you want to Find hardwood floor refinishers, you’ll need the right equipment. These specialized devices are the drum and palm sanders, sanding edger, and buffer.